The Return of the Nightingale Project was inspired to support the appreciation, recognition, education and professional development of nurses in the embodiment of the art and science of nurse attributes.  This project includes creating art forms that reflect the images, symbols, attributes of nurses and nursing as well as educational materials to foster the identification, development and nursing research of nurse attributes.  This project is committed to the generation of resources to strengthen nurse attributes in the practice of nursing, nursing practice culture and nursing leadership.

Currently, the nursing art component of this project has designed 13 beautifully engraved medallions/coins, nurse attribute prayer beads, nursing songs/ poems and other forms of artistic expression.  This art has been created to incorporate images and symbols of nursing, honor the heritage of nursing and acknowledge nursing attributes.  These art items are envisioned to be used as “tokens of appreciation” to honor and celebrate nurses and the profession of nursing.

The educational component of this project is focused on creating model activities that support the identification, recognition, examination, validation of nurse attributes.   Exploratory dialogue templates for student nurses, practicing nurses and nurse leadership to focus on and explore the attributes of the nurse are being developed on an evolving basis.

Our goals include that nurses are supported as they embody the attributes of the nurse and express these attributes in their everyday practice.  Creating resources for nursing scholarships, research funds, and nurse run clinics throughout the world.  Our dreams include that every nurse feels appreciated and is acknowledged for the invaluable contributions that they make every day in the lives of their families, friends, communities and therefore, the world.  Join us in appreciating, supporting and celebrating nurses!