Return of the Nightingale™

Thank you for Being a Nurse!

This project is dedicated to celebrating and honoring nurses for the everyday essential contributions that they make
to individuals, families, society, and the world at-large. We are in deep gratitude.

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Recognize the attributes that make nurses so special.

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Appreciate and honor nurses in your life.

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Explore relevance of attributes in nursing practice and importance of nurse appreciation.

Tending the Wounded

"Why have nurses always been there? Is it something that you're born to? Not for the sake of war, But for the Hope of Peace." Lyrics from Tending the Wounded song. Honor nurses in the military and other practice settings with 20% off Tending the Wounded fine silver...

Celebrate Nurses Week on May 12th

Please join us in Celebrating the Culmination of Nurses week and International Nurses Day May 12th. We would like to share our Nurses Week Ceremony. We will be following this ceremony, and walking the Nurse Attribute Labyrinth afterward. We encourage you...

Two Big Celebrations in May

During Nurse’s Week, May 6 – 12 and on Mother’s Day, May 13, we honor the Nurses, Mothers, and the Mothers who “nurse” their families and communities.

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Flight Migration

Project Reach

Where are the Nightingales? As a spin-off to our original project, we hope that someday every nurse in the world will have a token of appreciation coin/medallion. We are mapping the flight migration of the gifts we send to Nightingales all over the world.

For every Fine Silver Commemorative Coin purchased, we send an Antique Bronze Commemorative coin to nurses in impoverished areas of the world so they also may enjoy the recognition and inspiration!