Return of the Nightingale™

Thank you for Being a Nurse!

This project is dedicated to celebrating and honoring nurses for the everyday essential contributions that they make
to individuals, families, society, and the world at-large. We are in deep gratitude.




Recognize the attributes that make nurses so special.

Appreciate and honor nurses in your life.

Explore attributes in nursing practice and importance of nurse appreciation.

Healing Hands

Coin of the Month is Healing Hands. Get 20% off Antique Bronze or Fine Silver through April 30th.

The Nurturer: Compassion is our Calling

 Coin of the Month is “The Nurturer” Do you know a nurse in your community who embodies the essence of a Nurturer? Consider honoring a Nurse in your community with this Nurse Commemorative coin on special for 2 more weeks. “While human nature largely determines how we...


  Coin of the Month: Nurturer This is the third coin in the compassion series of the Nurse Commemorative Coin Series. This coin honors the nurse attributes of patience, caring, and compassion. "I kneel before you now in great humility,Your pain and suffering prisms...

Where are the Nightingales?

Follow the flight migration of the gifts we send to Nightingales all over the world.

screenshot of world map with pins