In honor of all of the nurses who have tended the wounded in the line of duty and those tending the wounded in everyday life, please know that your contributions are deeply appreciated and respected.

Tending the Wounded coin was specifically designed with you in our minds and hearts. In the spirit of offering a small token of appreciation, please accept these bronze coins at a savings from now through Veterans Day, to the end of November.

Thank you for serving our country, our communities and our families.

tending the wounded coin in fine silver

Tending the Wounded Antique Bronze Coin is specially priced at 50% off regular price during the month of November. Enter coupon code “honor” at checkout.

Also, download for free your copy of the newly recorded song entitled Tending the Wounded song. Enter coupon code “music” at checkout. This song was written as a tribute to nurses serving the wounded and to enhance the meaning of the imagery represented in the design of the 9th coin in the Return of the Nightingale Nurse Commemorative Coin Series.

Lyrics and Music by Jill L. Schumacher, BSN, MS, BD, DNM, DSM
Vocals and Violin: Patti King
Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion: Riley Geare.
Recording engineer & mixer: Riley Geare