Courage Coins Buy-One-Get-One

Coins of the Month: Companion of Truth and Champion of Justice

These “Sister Coins” are the second and third Courage Coins in the Nurse Commemorative Coin Series.

  • Companion of Truth honors the attributes of Courage, Integrity and Truth.
  • Champion of Justice honors the attributes of Courage, Humility & Justice.

Champion of Justice,
Companion of Truth
Claim the shield of Courage,
Take a stand,
Stand tall, stand strong.

Feel your courage rising, wielding the shield.
Feel your heart waving the Feather of truth.
Strengthen your courage through deep inspiration,
And the dove flies free.

Are you the Lion Protecting the Lamb?
Are you at the Crossing, where Justice and Truth prevail?
Stand in the center of the equal-sided cross,
Peer through the lens of Integrity?

~Lyrics from Stand in Courage written by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM

tending the wounded coin in fine silver

For August and September buy the 8th Companion of  Truth coin or or 9th Champion of Justice, and get the other free. This is for the Antique Bronze version of the coins only.

Offer valid through September 30.