Flame of Hope

Coin of the Month: Flame of Hope

This is the 6th coin in the Hope series of the Nurse Commemorative Coin Series. This coin honors the attributes of Strength, Hope, and Triumph.

“Do you know the Flame of Hope?”
“Yes!” I breathed deeply. “Yes!”
“I’ve seen it in the eyes of a mother.
I’ve heard it on the breath of a newborn.
I’ve felt it in the silence of the old ones.
I’ve touched it when I had reached the limits,
And could do nothing but surrender.”

~“Flame of Hope” poem by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM 

“Flame of Hope, birthed through Love,
Fueled by the undying embers of compassion.
May this flame shine through adversity,
Shine beyond uncertainty,
May it shine bright in the face of cruelty,
Illuminating peace, grace, healing,
Birthing the flight of the Winged White Dove,
Clarion of Hope.”

~Lyrics from “Winged White Dove, Clarion of Hope” written by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM.

tending the wounded coin in fine silver

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