The Nurturer: Compassion is our Calling

by | Mar 26, 2019 | News, Sale

Coin of the Month is “The Nurturer”

Do you know a nurse in your community who embodies the essence of a Nurturer?

Consider honoring a Nurse in your community with this Nurse Commemorative coin on special for 2 more weeks.

“While human nature largely determines how we hear the notes, it is nurture that lets us hear the music.” ~Jonah Uhrer

The definition of “nurturer” includes “to take care of, feed, protect”, encourage, help develop, nourish, foster, oversee development.

The specific symbols that are included in the design of this coin are a kneeling nurse dressed in vintage uniform offering a bowl of sustenance. 

Kneeling is a gesture/posture of paying homage, humility, reverence, honor. 

Offering a bowl of sustenance represents an act of nurturing, taking care of, feeding.

The lyrics to the song entitled “The Nurturer” weave the elements of the symbology together to create an encapsulation of the essence of the coin imagery.

Excerpts of the song lyrics:

“Compassion is our calling, Divine.
Our calling is our life’s passion song.
Our nurturing is beyond constraints of time,
Grace infuses our patience, bold and strong.
Who breathes the essence of caring beyond reason or any rhythm?
You, Nurse, The Nurturer,
And you are not alone.”

“The Nurturer”  Lyrics & Music by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM

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