A Tribute to Nurses

National Nurses Week

May 6-12


International Nurses Day

May 12

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THANK YOU NURSES!  for offering us care, support and hope during this unprecedented time of health crisis.

This International COVID Pandemic has highlighted the selfless, courageous acts of nurses during this time of global crisis in caring for patients threatened by this deadly virus. Please join us in paying tribute to nurses and others who are placing their lives on the line to help others survive.

Our deep gratitude is offered to the nurses who support our communities in countless ways, everyday and especially during this time.  They are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, neighbors, friends, family members, strangers who are “showing up” to make a vital difference in our lives as we face these most challenging times.  Our struggle is their struggle.  Their struggle is our struggle. We are all deeply and profoundly impacted by this global health crisis as ONE.

As a nurse, I remember what it was like to witness a patient’s struggle with shortness of breath.  The feeling of urgency and sometimes helplessness and fear as I watched the patient’s falling oxygen saturation levels, not responding to therapies as we had hoped.

It can feel like a microcosm of a war zone when a barrage of patients enter the ER or ICU in acute respiratory crisis.  It takes incredible courage and fortitude to stay present, access your best thinking and take right action amidst the inherent chaos.

Thank You, always thank you for holding hope in your hands and your heart, day after day. We acknowledge that words can only fail to express our feelings at this time, beyond deep and profound gratitude.





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Lyrics and Music by Jill Schumacher. Vocals by Patti King. Musicians: Jill Schumacher & Riley Geare