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Coin 10: Seeker of Wisdom, Coin of the Month

This is the 1st Wisdom coin in the Nurse Commemorative Coin Series. This coin honors the attributes of inspiration, reflection and wisdom.

“Walk the sacred labyrinth seeking High Counsel,
Hear wind whisperings from She Who Knows,
Hold the rose close to your heart.
Hear the petals breathing…
You Know who you truly are.”

~Lyrics from Sacred Fires written by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM.

“Do you seek the Ways of Knowing?
Can you keep the knowledge pure?
Hold the Tapestry of Wisdom,
Woven threads of science and art?
In your infinite search for knowledge,
Can you keep the passions burning?
Release the veils of Illusion?
Can you quench that soulful yearning?”

~In Search of Knowing lyrics by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM

Seeker of Wisdom in fine Silver

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