Nurture and explore the importance of nurse attributes, and their clinical relevance.

Attributes of the Nurse

Support nurses, student nurses, nurse educators and nursing leadership in the exploration of the relevance of the attributes of the nurse and clinical practice.

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Appreciation of Nurses

Examine the impact appreciation and recognition has on the development of the nurse in practice and the influence on practice culture/work environment.

Nurse Commemorative Coins – Attributes Poster – Jewelry

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Heritage of Nursing

Strengthen the connection to nursing heritage to cultivate courage and fortitude through a sense of belonging to something greater than the moment.

Florence Nightingale, Founder of Modern Nursing, was selected as the focal point, front piece of each [commemorative coin] in acknowledgement of her outstanding contribution to the development and formalization of nursing.

Thank You – Job Well Done
How often do you hear, “Thank you. Job well done”? Not often I’ll bet. Never the less, there is an old leadership maxim that reads, “No one cares how much you know; until they know how much you care.” Nursing is an honorable profession full of not only caring; but, also compassion.

One definition of compassion is the deep awareness of the suffering of another, coupled with the wish to relieve it. Where is that better exemplified than in the profession of nursing? And, that …wish to relieve… is the impetus for the care that is provided. Care, meaning to provide needed assistance or watchful supervision.

Another aspect of caring is to be and show concern for another. When we truly care about another, we are compelled to show appreciation.

All too often appointed leaders forget this. Those leaders believe they should be followed because they have the title. Some team members will follow; but, begrudgingly. Many will not, unless they feel appreciated. This makes them feel part of a cause. And, one of the most significant factors in determining job satisfaction is recognition and appreciation.

One of the hopes of Return of the Nightingale is to recapture a culture of compassion. A culture that pervaded the nursing community/profession more than a century ago. Culture is defined as the moral, social, and behavioral norms of an organization based on the beliefs, attitudes, and priorities of its members. In a closed society or profession, like nursing, the culture of the organization is typically created unconsciously, based on the values of the top leaders

It is important to be aware that a community’s or organization’s Culture is What You Do & How You Do It. A community’s or organization’s Culture is not What You Say & How You Say It.

Dale Schumacher, CCUE, CCUL
Chief Executive Officer
Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union