Join us in Recognizing and Celebrating Nurses!


The power of recognition helps clarify who we are and strengthens us in what we do.

The Return of the Nightingale™ Project is inspired to support nurses – our Nightingales – as they embody and express their unique attributes in everyday practice. Through this project, we are committed to generate resources that strengthen nurse attributes in the nursing practice, culture, and leadership. Every nurse should feel appreciated and acknowledged for invaluable contributions they make every day in the lives of their families, friends, and communities around the world.

We provide resources to appreciate, recognize, and educate about the qualities that make nurses who they are, and to foster those qualities through professional development.

  • Illustrate qualities that make nurses who they are, and provide ways for people to recognize nurses and the value of their work.
  • Educate nurses in ways to nurture attributes they embody, and to build a culture around them.
  • Appreciate nurses for their distinctive characteristics and their work, and create resources for nursing scholarships, research, and nurse-run clinics.
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Artifacts reflect images, symbols, and attributes of nurses and the nursing profession. Fourteen beautifully engraved coins, nurse attribute prayer beads, nursing songs/poems and other forms of artistic expression honor the heritage of nursing and acknowledge nursing attributes . Use these symbolic works as tokens of appreciation to honor and celebrate nurses and the profession of nursing.

Coins/Medallions – Prayer Beads – Bracelets

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Educational materials foster identifying, developing, and researching the attributes nurses embody. Exploratory dialogue templates for student nurses, practicing nurses, and nurse leadership focus on recognition, examination, and validation of nurse attributes. Use our e-books , ceremonies , and templates to develop attributes in daily practice.

Guided Meditations & Ceremonies – Physics of Caring Course (coming soon)

“My son was seriously injured in a motorcycle/car accident. Fortunately for all of us, the car directly behind the car that hit him contained a Trauma Room Nurse from a nearby hospital. She immediately called 911 and did a field review of his injuries, notifying the paramedics in route what to expect. She stayed with our son while waiting for the ambulance, assessing his injuries and stabilizing him. Then she helped the paramedics to load him on a backboard and get him ready for transport. Without her take-charge attitude and her re-assurance, our son would not have been able to remain as calm as he was. Once our son was in route to the hospital, the Nurse called me on her cell phone to let me know what had happened and where our son was taken. The next day the Nurse called our son at the hospital to check on him and make sure he was going to be ok. Because this Nurse was able to treat our son immediately after his accident, I feel she was very instrumental in helping him recover from his injuries quicker. I knew about the Florence Nightingale Coins listed on your website, so I ordered one. I wanted to honor this Nurse for her compassion and help during a very stressful time in our son’s life. My son presented her with the Florence Nightingale Coin three weeks after his accident. She was overcome with emotion and said that we couldn’t begin to comprehend how much it meant to her to receive something so precious as a coin representing her idol, Florence Nightingale. She said she first remembered hearing a story about Florence Nightingale when she was 5 years old and that was when she decided to be a nurse and help people like Florence did. She was so thrilled with receiving the coin and that was what I wanted to achieve. Thank you so much for taking time to understand what it means to be a nurse and to be a healer and finding a way to honor those of the nursing and healing profession in a meaningful way!”

Faye Scheldt